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Offshore company in Belize

Belize is one of the oldest and most famous classic offshore jurisdictions. Opening a company here is a suitable option for startups and long-time market players alike. The application process won’t take long and the setup costs are very low. Belize company register gives any online gambling operator an opportunity to do business in one of the world’s most attractive offshore jurisdictions. In addition, being a former British colony, Belize is a perfect country to do business in.  

How to open offshore companies in Belize

Registering a Belize offshore company is a lucrative investment. Company registration and maintenance fees are the lowest among classic non-island offshore zones in the Caribbean region. Companies can issue their own shares and open offshore account in Belize and a variety of international banks.


At the same time, Belize is an independent state and is subject to much less pressure from the international community. For example, the state does not require an open registration of beneficiaries like the British Virgin Islands or the Cayman Islands do.


Belize company


In order for the company to be registered in Belize, you need to go through several stages:
  • submit a unique name for your new company. The authorities will get back to you to let you know if the incorporation under the name in question is possible
  • appoint at least one director and one shareholder (both roles can be assigned to the same person or business entity of any nationality)
  • submit copies of internal or foreign passports for the abovementioned director and shareholder
  • if you’re incorporating a nominee service, you’re required to submit the business owner’s copy of passport and address
  • pay registration fees

Our team has broad experience in working in Belize offshore jurisdiction. We help our clients collect the necessary papers, communicate with authorities and pay the application fees in time. Our professionals help you open offshore companies in Belize at a minimal cost.

Key benefits of opening an offshore company in Belize


Belize is very loyal towards online casinos. Thanks to the vast opportunities created here, companies in Belize can benefit from:

  • a zero income tax
  • financial reporting not required
  • high confidentiality standards

An offshore company in Belize is a viable option for online casinos. Contact us for professional assistance with setup.