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Curasao license

In order to run an online casino legally, you need to get licensed. One of the most popular and credible jurisdictions to use for this purpose is Curacao. The benefits Curacao casino license provides speak for themselves:

  • unlike some of the Asian jurisdictions, Curaçao eGaming license is recognized everywhere in the world and enjoys a credible reputation
  • Curacao license embraces all gambling activities at once. Whether it’s poker, betting or lotteries, you only need to get one license
  • a licensed casino attracts more players, partners and software developers thanks to its good reputation
  • Curacao gambling license is one of the easiest and fastest to get

Simple and quick application process

Our company provides a complete range of services to help you apply for a Curacao eGaming license. With only a minimal amount of papers, we can set you up with a license in just two or three weeks once you have submitted the papers.


List of documents

and requirements

The application process typically involves a few stages:
  • registering an online casino
  • submitting an application form
  • paying the application fees
  • opening a bank account
  • getting a license

Our experts know how to help at each of these stages. Besides our team does their best to ensure that your application gets reviewed quickly. We pride ourselves on personalized service and your personal account manager will guide you through the entire process.

Do everything remotely


Today, getting a license remotely is easier than ever before. Simply send us the required documents (you can get a precise list from your account manager) and we’ll take care of the formalities.


Cost and profitability


Curacao gaming license cost is significantly lower than the same license issued by jurisdictions like the United Kingdom. For exact pricing, contact our support team. They will calculate your expense and offer you the most cost-effective option. 


In addition to low licensing fees, Curacao is also well-known for its low tax burden. The income tax is only 2% and the tax rate remains unchanged for many years making it easy for online casinos to reach their profit milestones. Moreover, this tax regime is set to remain in effect completely unchanged until 2026.


Given the vast benefits of this jurisdiction, the best way to launch an online casino is to get an international Curacao gambling license and conduct a perfectly legal business online.