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Costa Rica casino license

Costa Rica is an incredibly attractive jurisdiction in terms of getting a gambling license for your business. The country is particularly well-known as a haven for online betting companies and online casinos which makes it world’s second most popular gambling destination. Costa Rica gaming licence allows you to legally run online gambling business in any part of the world. 


Similar to the other offshore jurisdictions, Costa Rica offers favorable business conditions for online casinos. However, a significant benefit of getting a Costa Rica license gaming is that this country doesn’t have any legislation aimed particularly at the gambling businesses which makes your business operation super easy. 

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Costa Rica online gambling license:

how to get one

To register an offshore company and get a Costa Rica casino license, you don’t even have to arrive here in person. Our team can arrange everything for you remotely with only the minimal set of documents required from you. Having a broad experience of operating on the territory of Costa Rica, we know how to speed up your application process which typically won’t take longer than two or three weeks upon submitting the documents. 


Thanks to the easy and remote application process, you can dramatically cut your setup and traveling costs. Contact our team for more details and your personal support manager will get in touch as soon as possible. 

Gambling license Costa Rica price


Without a doubt, the most beneficial factor speaking in favor of getting a Costa Rica gaming license is  lucrative profitability expectations. Indeed, Costa Rica imposes zero tax on online gambling businesses. Due to the lack of specific legislation, gambling companies are not required to document their accounting and finance.  


In addition to zero income tax, Costa Rica online gambling cost is going to be at least twice smaller than that issued by the US and European countries. Contact your account manager to get an accurate calculation of all costs to be incurred.

One thing to keep in mind when getting a Costa Rica gaming license is you need to exclude all IP-addresses coming from Costa Rica as the citizens of this country can’t conduct online gambling businesses. We provide full support with arranging both the application process and following the IT requirements.