Minimum list of required documents

If you want to open and run an online casino, you need to get an online gambling licence issued by an offshore country’s jurisdiction.


Create casino website

Gambling business has always been considered lucrative. It’s especially true in a digital era – the players do not even need to leave the comfort of their homes to gamble and can bet online. However, in order to create a casino website that’s going to be interesting for players and profitable for owners, you should comply with a number of requirements and pay attention to many details.

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  • Platform Selection
  • Chois of jurisdiction
  • Collecting documents
  • Company registration
  • Obtaining license
  • Bank Account Opening
  • Start Casino
  • Online promotion

How to create casino online?


An online casino is a website or software that allows players to gamble online. Online casinos usually offer a wide array of gambling activities like poker, betting, lotteries, roulette, etc. Today, a player doesn’t even need a desktop computer to access them – just a smartphone will do. 


Opening a casino is no simple task. From choosing an offshore jurisdiction to launching a website – there’s so much to consider. The most rational solution is to seek professional advice on how to create casino online in order to minimize setup costs and save time.

How to open casino online

in 8 steps

1 step
1. Choosing a platform
An online platform will define the look and feel of your casino and directly impact user experience. An easy-to-use interface, multi-language support, unique software, professional design, payment solutions, mobile apps – these factors are crucial to plan in advance.
2 step
2. Choosing an offshore jurisdiction
In many countries, opening an online casino business is regulated by complicated legislation or forbidden altogether. For this reason, it makes sense to open your online casino in one of the offshore jurisdictions where online gambling is a perfectly legal business.
3 step
3. Collecting application papers
Once you have chosen the offshore jurisdiction, start collecting the necessary papers. Again, the set of documents will depend on the jurisdiction you’ve chosen, shareholders, founders, nominee directors you might be assigning, etc.
4 step
4. Registering the company
Registering a local business address and authorized capital, appointing company’s directors and sorting out taxes are the most important steps.
5 step
5. Applying for a license
In order to open a casino online, most countries require businesses to get a license first.
6 step
6. Opening bank and merchant accounts
Another important step is to open bank and merchant accounts in order to be able to accept payments.
7 step
7. Launching a website
Once all organizational matters are sorted out, the time has come to create online casino website. Launch it with a big buzz to get the first influx of customers.
8 step
8. Promoting your casino
Come up with a creative marketing strategy to promote your casino and consistently generate new business.