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Antigua and Barbuda license gaming

Antigua and Barbuda offers business owners flexible and lucrative opportunities to register an online casino on its territory. This offshore jurisdiction boasts a good reputation and offers favorable business conditions for private companies. In addition, there are no taxes on international activities which is a significant advantage when choosing the offshore jurisdictions for online casinos.


Some of the advantages of an Antigua and Barbuda gaming license are particularly beneficial:

  • since this jurisdiction is the whitelisted UK offshore, companies holding its license automatically have access to the UK customers as well as get recognized worldwide
  • to create a company, a business owner does not have to contribute charter capital. Only a registered Antigua and Barbuda office is required
  • there are no taxes on online gambling business, only a one-time tax payment while submitting an application form and a one-time yearly payment
  • there are several types of Antigua and Barbuda gaming licences available including licences for online casinos, betting and bookmakers
  • each online business holding an Antigua and Barbuda license gaming can be located outside the jurisdiction and represent itself via the nominal service

Applying for Antigua and Barbuda casino license:

easily and remotely

Antigua and Barbuda online gambling license can be acquired online, without you having to arrive here in person. Just sent us the set of required papers and we will arrange your application review. We only require the minimal amount of documents, the full list of which will be sent to you by your personal account manager.


The typical review time is only two or three weeks upon submitting the papers. Our team has a vast experience of working in Antigua and Barbuda jurisdiction and can ensure that no delays happen along the application process. 

Gambling license Antigua and Barbuda price


Of course, one of the most important questions for an aspiring online casino owner is what Antigua and Barbuda gambling license cost is. Your personal account manager will calculate the necessary payments and help you carry out transactions according to the jurisdiction’s requirements.

The Antigua and Barbuda gambling licence enjoys a strong reputation, yet is way cheaper than the UK, US or Cyprus jurisdictions which makes it a favorable option for many casino owners.