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Malta license gaming

Offshore jurisdiction of Malta is one of the most popular ways to launch an online casino in accordance with the letter and spirit of the law. Conducting business with a license has essential benefits. 


Players will only bet real money if they’re confident in the online casino’s credibility and trustworthiness. Software developers prefer cooperating with licensed businesses. In addition, a license allows you to open foreign bank accounts and use them freely. Your business will enjoy a good reputation among your clients and partners and guarantee the security of your financial transactions. 


Easy and remote

application process

Malta issues separate licences for each gambling activity. This means you’ll have to get a different license for every gambling activity, for example poker or betting. However, this drawback is easily outweighed by the advantages of these licenses. In particular, Malta casino license is valid for five years and you are only required a one-time licensing fee. Besides, you don’t have to keep track of financial reporting for your company. 

To speed up your application process, get in touch with our team. We can arrange your registration with a minimal set of required papers. Your personal account manager will update you on their full list as well as assist you in calculating your licensing fees. 

Moreover, you don’t have to visit Malta in person in order to get a Malta online gambling license. Submit the necessary documents electronically and our team will get your Malta gaming license issued in as soon as two to three weeks. 

Malta gambling license cost


Gambling licenses issued by Malta are fairly inexpensive. However, Malta gambling license’s price will depend on whether you’re getting it for a new or existing company as well as a few other factors. To understand the structure of your expense before making any payments, consult with our team. They will calculate the full cost of Malta gaming licence for you. 

Malta license gaming pays off very quickly. The income tax rate established by this offshore jurisdiction is only 5%. You can also prolong the licenсe and conduct an audit. Low tax burden and soft requirements towards online gambling businesses ensures that they can count on quick return on their investments and generate an increasing number of clients and partners.