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British Virgin islands company register

For many years, businessmen from all over the world have been choosing the British Virgin Islands (BVI) to strengthen and expand their international operations. This territory belongs to the group of classic offshore jurisdictions requiring only a small registration fee when setting up a company and imposing a zero income tax.


Today, the British Virgin Islands offshore jurisdiction hosts more than 40% of the offshore companies from all over the world. 


How to get your company registered

in the British Virgin Islands

At a glance, the British Virgin Islands company register is quite simple and almost indistinguishable from the same procedures used in the other classic offshores. Typically, it requires a fairly standard set of documents. Moreover, the same person can be assigned as a company’s director and shareholder. 


The British Virgin Islands offshore company can be opened by a person or a company alike. In addition, the businessman can re-register his/her existing company founded on the territory of the other jurisdiction. It’s not required to indicate a specific amount of authorized capital in the application documents. Also, the British Virgin Islands enable businesses to use nominee services.

The British Virgin Islands company formation process typically includes a few steps:
  • provide the name of the company that is being registered
  • receive a confirmation of the company’s incorporation in the BVI with the chosen name
  • identify the directors as well as the shareholders and their shares. You’ll need to provide copies of their internal or foreign passports
  • in case of using the nominal service, provide the information about the owner of the company
  • pay all registration fees (offshore companies in the British Virgin Islands usually pay $5,000 registration fee)

Benefits for an offshore company in the British Virgin Islands

Apart from a zero tax rate, the key advantages for offshore companies in the British Virgin Islands include:
  • the ubiquitous use of English which facilitates communication greatly
  • a stable legal system based on the English law
  • the US dollar is the national currency
  • an opportunity to open an offshore account in the British Virgin Islands’ banks

A BVI company will ensure a successful and sustainable development of your business while our team will help you with the application process from start to finish.