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Get a lottery license

Launching a lottery business requires careful examination of legal practices. Probably one of the most pressing questions is how to get a lottery license, which jurisdiction to choose and how to minimize the costs. These questions can be professionally answered by our team that could assist you with the registration process.

Benefits of having a lottery license 

So what is a lottery license and what benefits it provides? Basically, it’s an official permission to run a lottery business issued by one of the appropriate jurisdictions. The benefits of having a lottery license are big and many:

  • running your business in accordance with the legal requirements
  • minimizing tax and accounting costs
  • being able to open foreign bank accounts and use them freely
  • working with the best software developers (who prefer partnering up with licensed casinos)
  • having a broad choice of jurisdictions
  • building a well-respected and reputable online business

Lottery license

application process

Today, registering an offshore company and getting a license does not require your immediate presence. We can get yourlicense bingo issued with a minimal set of documents required on your part. Typically, you only need to submit a certified copy of your passport, a company registration certificate and a confirmation from your bank. However, some jurisdictions may require different papers so contact our team to find out the latest info. 


Bingo license application process usually takes only two or three weeks upon submitting the necessary documents. Add to this that you can submit everything electronically and you’ll see how much time and money this saves you. 

Bingo license cost


Your license cost will vary depending on the jurisdiction you have chosen. This is by far the most important step in the entire process. The choice of jurisdiction will define your future financial obligations. 

For example, getting a lottery license in Switzerland, UK or the US is prestigious, yet costly because these countries require businesses to keep track of their accounting and financial papers and be subject to audits. On the contrary, jurisdictions like Curacao, Panama or Cyprus offer flexible rules and minimize requirements towards audits and accounting which reduces your costs dramatically. Our team can help you figure out the best jurisdiction and ensure that your license for bingo is issued as soon as possible.