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We were extremely satisfied with the quick and efficient work of the Consulting Gambling. A real definition of the top-notch services. They deal with all matters in a clear and straightforward way; our involvement was limited to a bare minimum. We highly recommend these seasoned professionals!


Nikolai Pobal

CEO at Scorum

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We used the services of this company to obtain the official gambling license of Curacao. Their professionalism, efficient work, and the end results left us completely satisfied. The Consulting Gambling offered a swift and secure solution to our tough problem. The company’s organization of operations and personnel selection deserved nothing but the highest accolade from us.


Jin Iang

CEO at

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We asked this team to develop a ready-to-operate online casino, and they managed to surprise us on the upside. The Consulting Gambling submitted the final product ahead of schedule; everything has been done in full accordance with all our requirements, in a clear and comprehensible way. We are very pleased with the result since we got exactly what we needed and hassle-free.


Denis Galaburda

CEO at

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The management and the team at would like to express our gratitude to the Consulting Gaming for developing a state-of-the-art and user-friendly sports gambling website. They offered many useful solutions that really worked. Moreover, The Consulting Gaming organized our own football club, FC Betlanes, thus exceeding the extent of provided services, which came as a pleasant surprise for us. Thanks a lot!


Aleksandr Osin

Owner of