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Open an offshore account in Scotland

Opening a Scotland offshore company is a unique tax optimization instrument for companies operating on a global scale. This part of the United Kingdom is considered to be a prestigious jurisdiction with one of the most friendly European tax systems. 


Its distinctive feature is a special tax regime for limited liability companies: they are fully exempt from the tax burden. Scotland offshore jurisdiction ensures the stability and reliability of financial transfers and a high level of confidentiality. 


Offshore companies in Scotland are not obliged to submit financial reporting to the Companies House (the state registration authority) which greatly reduces the costs. Tax returns are submitted annually, though, regardless of whether the company pays taxes or is exempt from them. 


Moreover, foreign companies in Scotland are not subject to auditing. Coupled with the high confidentiality ensured by the use of a nominee service, a company in Scotland could be one of the best investments for an online casino. 


Scotland company


In particular, an offshore company in Scotland is the most efficient solution for business owners who plan to work with a company registered in the European Union member state while preferring to have tax optimization opportunities at their disposal.


Our experts are ready to advise you on all matters related to the purchase of the Scottish offshore as well as speed up the registration process which usually consists of the following stages:

  • submitting an application form for registering a limited liability company
  • providing information about the founders
  • registering a local business address
  • hiring a secretary (doesn’t have to be a Scottish resident)
  • defining a minimal authorized capital is 2 pounds

A registered company can open an offshore account in Scotland’s banks and foreign banks alike. Thanks to this opportunity, an online casino gets an opportunity to target the EU players.

Scotland company formation: pros and cons 


A company registered in Scotland is entitled to run any business activity approved by the country’s legislation. It’s important to remember that the information about the structure of the company is publicly available. However, the legislation provides the possibility to use a nominee service and therefore not disclose the real name of the beneficiary. Together with a high reputation and a minimal tax expense, an offshore company in Scotland is a lucrative business opportunity.