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Poker license

The first step to open and run an online casino or an online poker room is to get a license for poker. Not only this is a mandatory legal requirement, it’s also a formality that delivers significant benefits to its holder:

  • a licensed poker room is reliable and attracts more gamblers
  • poker software developers prefer working with licensed casinos
  • a poker club license provides a legal protection for your business
  • an offshore license enables to run simplified financial and accounting reporting
  • a licensed casino is reputable and respected among its clients and partners

Getting a poker license with minimal amount of papers

Our team has many years of experience working in various offshore jurisdictions. We can ensure that your application gets reviewed as soon as possible so you can have your poker gaming license issued immediately. Your personal account manager will advise you on what papers to submit and what jurisdiction to choose to minimize your costs. 


Remote company setup

Registering an online casino in offshore jurisdictions doesn’t require your immediate presence. Your account manager will guide you through the entire process remotely. All you need to do is send us the required documents and we’ll take care of anything else. 


We require only the minimal amount of papers which ultimately simplifies the registration process. Typically, they include a certified copy of your passport and a proof of beneficial ownership. However, different jurisdictions have different requirements so be sure to contact our support team for more details. 


Once you have provided us with the required documentation, your poker license or video poker license will be issued within two or three weeks. The procedure may take longer depending on the jurisdiction you have chosen but is typically completed in four weeks. We consistently communicate with authorities and are on the lookout for the new options to speed things up. 

What is the cost for a poker license?


The most important cost factor is the jurisdiction you want to register your poker room or club in. Our support managers will help you evaluate your options and choose the one that suits your business needs best of all and minimizes your expenditure. Note that offshore jurisdictions do not require the registrants to make large investments in order to start a company so you are able to reduce your expense dramatically.