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Panama online casino license

As you may know, it’s impossible to open an online casino without a license. All software developers require the casino to hold a license issued by any jurisdiction. Likewise, players will join your casino only if they are confident in its credibility. So if you’re seeking to apply for a license, one of the most popular countries to choose is Panama. 


Panama can be called the classic offshore jurisdiction where non-residents are offered powerful tax incentives. On its territory, registration of various offshore structures such as online casinos is easy and quick.


When choosing a jurisdiction for your online casino, be sure to consider getting a Panama license for gaming as it delivers substantial benefits: 

  • zero income tax for non-residents
  • a whole number of laws guaranteeing a high level of confidentiality and financial security
  • licensing fee and payments are significantly smaller than in European countries
  • no need to keep track of your financial and accounting documentation

Applying for Panama

online gambling license

If you’re thinking of getting a Panama gaming licence, you will need to undergo a few stages of registration. Without qualified and professional assistance, this process can take months. We provide full support with the application process and can arrange your Panama gaming license issued with only a minimal amount of documents required from you. 


Moreover, you can do everything remotely and won’t need to spend loads of money on flights and traveling. Send us your documents electronically and your personal account manager will make sure your application is submitted in accordance with the laws of Panama. 


Once you have sent your account manager the application documents, a Panama casino license for your business will be ready in just two or three weeks. 

Gambling license Panama price


Since all foreign companies registered in Panama do not pay taxes, the costs you will be bearing are only minimal ones. The only requirement is to make annual payments which constitute 4% of your income. This is significantly lower than in many other offshore jurisdictions.

To get a complete understanding of your Panama gambling license cost, get in touch with your account manager and our team will provide you with an accurate calculation. We help online casino owners to get their licenses at a minimal cost.