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Open offshore account in Latvia

For any online casino seeking to operate in the European Union, registering a Latvia offshore company is one of the best options to consider. As the offshore jurisdiction, Latvia is a reliable partner and a great mediator with the European Union. Even a beginning entrepreneur can find a safety net here, while more experienced business owners will appreciate the great benefits this state offers for foreign companies.

Offshore company in Latvia: pros and cons

Latvia is very loyal towards online gambling businesses. In particular, the gambling companies in Latvia can enjoy benefits such as: 

  • liberal tax policy
  • easy and quick company setup
  • permission to open business subsidiaries in Latvia and any other EU member states
  • permission to open an offshore account in Latvia’s banks
  • permission to receive bets from players located in any EU member state
  • a reputation of a legal and reputable enterprise

There are, however, some drawbacks as well. An offshore company registered in Latvia is required to maintain its financial reporting and submit it to the fiscal authorities in order to pay income tax. This is something that other offshore jurisdictions don’t usually require. Still, if you aim at expanding your business reach on the territory of the European Union, it’s a fair price to pay.


Latvia company


Opening or acquiring a company in Latvia is ultimately simple. Latvian government approved a super quick setup procedure which allows any person or company open its business in this country. For this reason, Latvia company register won’t take long, if approached the right way. However, if it’s your first experience, it’s better to entrust this important matter to professionals.


Our company specializes in registering Latvia offshore companies. We require only the minimal set of documents and can ensure your application gets reviewed as soon as possible. 


In order to open offshore companies in Latvia, you need to:
  • collect the necessary papers and submit their certified copies in Latvian (contact our support team to find out the full list of documents);
  • register your business address in Latvia
  • pay registration fees
  • submit your company’s profile to Latvian fiscal authorities

Our company provides expert advice on registering a company in Latvia, calculating the setup costs and communicating with Latvian authorities during the application process.