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Isle of Man license gaming

An essential quality defining a reputable and reliable online casino is a license enabling it to organize gambling activities. The license allows casinos to carry out activities in according to the laws of the jurisdiction they have chosen. It also proves that the online casino operator adopted a fair play policy. Upon obtaining a license, online casinos enjoy the status of a legal business. Needless to say, this attracts much more clients, partners and software developers. 


There are around 80 countries in the world issuing licenses for online casinos. The Isle of Man is one of the very popular ones. Online gambling activities on the territory of this jurisdiction are regulated by the relevant legislation – The Online Gambling Regulation Act and the Electronic Transactions Act. 


Thanks to these laws, the island is one of the most reliable and popular whitelisted jurisdictions in the world, particularly famous for its stringent requirements towards online casinos as well as strict procedures to control and monitor their activities. 


Applying for the Isle of Man

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In addition to great laws regulating online gambling, the Isle of Man offers aspiring online casino owners easy and quick application process. To get your Isle of Man license gaming, get in touch with our team for complete support. We arrange the issuance of your license with the minimal set of papers. 


Moreover, the entire process can be remote. No need for you to incur additional traveling costs. Submit your documents electronically and your personal account manager will ensure your application for the Isle of Man gaming licence is reviewed in no longer than in two or three weeks. Thanks to our experience of working in the Isle of Man, we can save you loads of time and money. 


The Isle of Man casino license is valid for five years and covers all kinds of gambling activities so no need to apply for a new license for each different activity. It is also possible to get a sublicense and run your casino under existing brand. 

Gambling license Isle of Man price


To get a precise calculation of the Isle of Man gambling license cost, contact your account manager. In addition to helping you with the application process, we also minimize your costs for getting the Isle of Man gaming license. Our team can advise you on opening bank and merchant accounts as well.