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Open an offshore account in the US

A US offshore company is an excellent opportunity for online casinos to enter the vast American market and reach a huge audience of players. Indeed, the country enjoys an impeccable reputation. A business registered here doesn’t run the risk of being blacklisted and can easily open merchant accounts in any bank. 


So what makes the US a great offshore jurisdiction for online gambling businesses? Companies generating revenues outside the United States and not having the US residents as their founders pay 0% income rate. 


To register offshore companies in the US, one should carefully approach the choice of the state. Federal legislation and the state’s internal legislation are important factors to consider. Typically, the best states to open an offshore company in the US are Nevada, Wyoming, Delaware and California. These states offer a quite simple application procedure requiring a few documents. 


Regardless of whether companies in the US run their business operations, they are required to maintain and submit their financial reporting. However, businesses are not subject to auditing.

United states

The US company


The most popular state for registering a US offshore company and specifically an online casino is Delaware. However, going through the procedure on your own is quite difficult so it makes sense to seek professional support with the application. We help you with the necessary documents, calculate your setup costs and open an offshore account in the US banks.

An application process has a few stages:
  • selecting a state
  • submitting application papers
  • providing information about a nominee director
  • registering a local business address
  • paying registration fees

Company’s founders can be residents of any other country in the world. Also, there are no requirements towards the company’s secretary.

Pros and cons of the US company formation


Any company registered in the US enjoys a vast array of significant business opportunities. Online casinos aren’t an exception:

  • prestige – you run your business activities on behalf of the American company
  • no tax liabilities for non-residents
  • you can close down your company at any time without the need to appoint a liquidator
  • there are no restrictions towards opening bank accounts. You can open an account anywhere you need and use it for transactions in any region.

A drawback of opening a US company is a public availability of information about owners and beneficiaries.