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Companies in the Marshall islands

The Marshall Islands has long been drawing the attention of online casino owners. Zero taxes and rapid development of the country’s financial sector make the Marshall Islands offshore jurisdiction a great opportunity to optimize tax costs and successfully expand the business.


Despite its proximity to the United States, the Marshall Islands is in many ways a classic offshore territory offering all the benefits of a tax-free jurisdiction to foreign businesses. Income, dividends and capital gains are exempt from taxes. Additionally, the country has no foreign exchange controls. English is the official language and the US dollar is the national currency which greatly facilitates international operations. 


Offshore companies in the Marshall Islands are similar to the US or British ones. Companies in the Marshall Islands that provide services outside the country are exempt from taxes, plus there’s no need to submit financial reporting. An important requirement, though, is to pay an annual fee.


The Marshall Islands company


Our experts will help you simplify and speed up the application process and get your company opened in a record time.

In order for the company to be registered in the Marshall Islands, you need to:
  • choose a unique company name. You can use any language. The only requirement is to use Latin alphabet
  • submit certified copies of passports of the company’s owners, shareholders and directors
  • an authorized capital can be up to $50,000. However, while registering a company just a symbolic fee of $1 is required
  • assign one director and one shareholder (both could be either an individual or a company)
  • pay registration fees

A registered company can open an offshore account in the Marshall Islands.

An offshore company in the Marshall Islands: pros and cons

Strong arguments in favor of the Marshall Islands company formation are:
  • no requirements towards financial reporting and audits
  • a zero income tax
  • an easy procedure of reorganization of the company (if needed)
  • a simple process of re-registering an existing company under the jurisdiction of the Marshall Islands
  • low company maintenance costs

Besides, if you decided to open offshore companies in the Marshall Islands you can count on strong data privacy protection and high confidentiality.