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Ireland offshore company

Ireland may not be a classic offshore jurisdiction, still, registering a business here can be a viable option in certain cases. Unlike some other jurisdictions, all companies in Ireland are required to pay taxes and submit their annual returns. 


However, many entrepreneurs and online casino owners choose this small country for business registration and tax optimization. Ireland has one of the lowest income tax rates in Europe (12.5%). It also offers a wide range of various tax benefits that offshore companies in Ireland can benefit from. 


In particular, the corporate tax rate may be reduced to 0% if certain conditions apply. This helps Ireland hold a unique place among European jurisdictions.


Ireland company


Our experts will help you register an offshore company in Ireland quickly and with a minimal set of documents. 


A limited liability company is the most popular option among foreign investors. The Irish law requires that a newly established LLC must have at least one shareholder (either a person or a business entity regardless of the residency). Also, it’s required to assign no less than two directors. Only individuals (not companies) may be assigned as directors. Their main responsibilities include the daily management of the company’s business activities and presenting financial reports to its shareholders at the annual board meeting. One of the directors must be a citizen of the European Union. 


Another important requirement towards a company registered in Ireland is employing a local secretary. Also, an Ireland offshore company must have a unique name which does not contain the words ‘bank’, ‘group’ or ‘insurance’. 

Ireland company formation process


If you decided to open offshore companies in Ireland, several steps must be taken:
  • submitting an application form
  • getting an Irish business address
  • submitting information about authorized capital
  • submitting personal details of the company’s directors and shareholders

Once you have a registration certificate, you can open an offshore account in Ireland and use it for financial transactions with the rest of the world.

An Ireland offshore company: pros and cost


Of course, one of the greatest benefits of opening your business in Ireland is a high reputation and possible tax optimization. At the same time, the tax burden for the new company is quite heavy. Submitting annual returns and establishing a local office are additional factors that are going to impact your costs.